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innerHTML's storied past, and HTML's shiny future by Paul Irish

The special relationship between your HTML markup and browsers is one more interesting than you'd think. In this talk, Paul will cover pedantic differences like "elements" vs "tags" but also get into what it means that HTML is both markup and a serialization but definitely not the DOM. You'll also learn shortcuts with HTML that save you time. In the end, you'll have a better understanding browser internals and how they interpret your work.

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JavaScript World Domination, Day 5,935 by Brendan Eich

Thanks to browser competition combined with awesome JavaScript developer communities and code culture, JavaScript is evolving rapidly. The 6th edition of ECMAScript (ECMA-262), the JavaScript standard, is under construction. I will present what is in ES6 for sure, what is hot but not yet in, and what is already implemented in certain browsers whose names might start with 'C' and 'F'. As usual, I will also tell some history and try to paint the big picture.

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Progressive Enhancement 2.0 — Because the Web isn't Print by Nicholas Zakas

In the beginning, progressive enhancement was simple: HTML layered with CSS layered with JavaScript. That worked fine when there were two browsers, but in today's world of multiple devices and multiple browsers, it's time for a progressive enhancement reboot. At the core is the understanding that the web is not print - the same rules don't apply. As developers and consumers we've been fooled into thinking about print paradigms for too long. In this talk, you'll learn just how different the web is and how the evolution of progressive enhancement can lead to better user experiences as well as happier developers and users.

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